Success Tip #5: Avoid the Burnout That Kills

Avoid the Burnout That Kills Many Marketing Careers

Burnout is a real problem for those who work for themselves online. Not only do you shoulder full responsibility for your success and failures, but you do it without the camaraderie of colleagues.

You might know people who do the same thing, but they’re not part of your business. You’re on your own, and that can be overwhelming for some. These individuals are in such a frenzy to succeed that they never break.

They’re too scared that if they slow down and enjoy the income they’ve begun to generate, everything will fall apart. This career is one of the few where you have the ability to automate and outsource so much.

If you want to take a one week vacation to Hawaii, you can – and should! You could outsource the emails and blog posts to a ghostwriter and queue them up before you leave so that they drip out like clockwork while you’re sipping an exotic drink from a pineapple on the beach.

It’s one thing to be dedicated to your audience, but no one expects you to be chained to this business 24/7, 365 days a year. People often leave the offline workforce because of the long hours and grueling commutes, only to come into this career and work more than they ever have out of fear and concern.

You have to prioritize your enjoyment of life. You do that by developing smart systems and strategies like the ones mentioned before. Only then will you achieve the pinnacle of success by proving that your work as an online niche leader has meaning and purpose – not only for your audience, but for you and your family as well.

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