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Saying No For Self Care

Why Is Self-Care Important? Self-care is more than the latest buzzword or trending hashtag. It’s a vital part of […]

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Overcoming 10 Mental Roadblocks Part 2

  As I promised yesterday here are the other 5 roadblocks that many of us need to deal with and overcome, especially if we desire to start and operate a successful online business. Mental Roadblock #6: I’m Perfect the Way I Am Just as toxic is the mindset that you’re perfect. You’re the smartest person in the room, you’re definitely the best looking, the whole nine yards. While it’s great to have a positive self-image and healthy self-esteem, you should not let this trick you into thinking […]

Overcoming 10 Mental Roadblocks Part 1

I know you’re excited. If you’re going through this training, you are looking to achieve greater success in at least one part of your life. You can’t wait to adopt the right mindset, so you can get better results. I understand that. The problem is, you’re having a tough time achieving the kind of success you want because you are probably hanging on to a few “toxic” mindsets that undermine you. You have to clear these out first before you adopt positive mindsets. Otherwise, these toxic mindsets […]

It’s Necessary to Choose You Sometimes

Choosing yourself is a crucial part of your success and happiness in life. Many mistake this choice/trait for selfishness. To explain this confusion: selfish people always choose themselves, but those who choose themselves aren’t always being selfish. Choosing you simply means that you put yourself first when it’s necessary; you take your own health and feelings into consideration and, when necessary, you put those feelings and needs over the wants of others. People who are merely selfish always put their needs and wants over the needs of […]

Healthy Personal Boundaries

I had intended for this, along with 3 or 4 other lessons and exercises to be a week-long coaching class but I decided to share the information with all of you here on the blog. I should be adding the rest of the posts at least once each week but possibly more frequently so make sure you check back.  Here is Lesson 1. Which Is Better?             No Boundaries                       Healthy Personal Boundaries […]

How to Avoid Getting Scammed as You Learn

There are a few scammers on the Internet who prey on seniors attempting to learn how to build an online business. They may promise immediate success (know that there’s no such thing) and charge you an astronomical amount of money for their courses or sure-fired methods of making money online. It’s like purchasing a frozen pizza in a box with a picture that looks like the most delectable pizza you’ve ever seen. Then, when you open the box to heat and eat it, it looks like someone […]

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