Short-form Videos are Key

Posting Short-form Videos

The long-form video setup has its own benefits and may be suitable for special circumstances.

But the most consequential negative aspect of the long-form video is that you have to maintain your audience’s attention for more extended periods.

And with social media and all the fascinating distractions going on around everyone constantly, having someone’s undivided attention is becoming more difficult to pull off.

The chances of someone visiting your site and only making it to the 2 min mark on a 10 min video are very high. People would rather watch a whole video that is 60 seconds long.

So try to make your videos so that they show a quick testimonial reel, an overview of your services and products, or the special deals available.

And to perfectly curate such videos for your audience you need to know about your audience and the demographic you possess. Factors like age and interests can play a big part in your marketing campaign.


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