Earning Money as a Digital Product Creator – 5

This is the 5th and final post in this series

Ways to Increase Earnings for Your Launches

You want to earn the most amount of money possible whenever you launch a digital info product. There are strategic ways you can ensure your launch will be able to maximize its revenue.

First and foremost, whenever you are planning your product launch, don’t stop with a single product per launch. You want to have a complete funnel in place that satisfies the consumer’s desire to get several good deals, and meets the requirement of the affiliate to be able to earn enough money to promote.

If you only have a front end product for $9.95, must have filiates will pass up the opportunity to promote that 50% offer of commissions because it’s not enough to make it worth it to them.

However, if you have several upgrade options, which are higher priced at anywhere from $27 to $97, you will have a better chance of recruiting top affiliates. Just make sure that your upgrade offers are complementary to the front end product, without making it appear as if they must own it in order for the front end to work.

This is a common frustration for many consumers of digital info products because the vendor insinuates that unless they buy the upgrades, the entire system they just purchased on the front end will be worthless.

Conduct a bit of background research to find out who the best affiliates are in your niche and then approach each one with a personalized message, a link to your JV (joint venture) page, and a complimentary review copy for them to examine.

Another way that you can increase the earnings with your digital info product launch is to offer additional rights to the product. In most cases, digital content vendors simply release a personal use only license.

This means the buyer can only read, watch, absorb, and use the lessons that are taught in the course. They cannot share or pass them on to other people or claim them as their own.

However, in some cases, you will see a digital info product that has two options on the sales page. The first one is the usual personal use license. But the second one will be and upcharge that allows the buyer to own private label rights to the course.

When they own private label rights, they have the ability to edit and alter the course and put their name on it as the author so that they can resell it. They can’t resell it to others with the same private label rights, but they can sell it with personal use rights for others to read.

Earning money as a digital info product creator is rewarding when you take the steps needed to release a top quality product that both consumers and affiliates will be satisfied with.

You will be building a list of buyers that you can cater to for years to come as you branch out and release additional info products as well as promoting your competitors who release those of their own.


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