Combination Crossover Niches

Another great profit-pulling concept when it comes to niches is to consider crossover combo niches. This is when you have a niche that will pair well with another completely separate niche.

Now we’re not talking about gardening (broad) versus container gardening (narrow). We’re talking about two completely individual niches that have a lot in common. This way, you can bring in an audience that’s big and wants to buy twice as many products – from both topics.

Let’s consider some examples. You might want to get into weight loss. It’s a niche with enormous profit potential. Who needs to lose weight? Diabetics. Diabetes is another separate, big niche.

The two pair very well together and your site about weight loss for diabetics can cover all sorts of things – many different strategies of losing weight as well as management for their diabetes diagnosis.

Let’s take another example. Survival and gardening. Gardening is a big niche on its own. But so is survival. When you pair the two, it expands the number of topics you can cover as well as the number of items you can promote.

Another example might be sleep and stress relief. Both niches are good for digital and tangible promotions, and they pair well together. You can cover endless stress relief concepts and recommend products, and help them achieve optimal sleep in the process.

Stress pairs well with many different niches – sleep, weight loss, parenting, exercise and more. How can you determine if a niche you’re interested in has good combination potential?

Start with one niche and brainstorm topics that can affect it or how that niche can affect other things. For example, if you wanted to go into the anti aging niche, think of what aging affects – your sleep, your weight, and so on.

You can pair that original topic with one of the other two. You can often find these clues on the covers of magazines. For example, on the cover of Women’s World magazine, there was a headline that said, Over 40 Belly Fat Cure, which tells you that age is a factor and weight loss is, too. Pair them for a weight loss anti aging site and increase your income potential!


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