Baby Boomers & Internet Marketing

Baby boomers are beginning to retire. Some are even retiring early due to downsizing. This growing market of seniors and retirees offers great opportunities for savvy businesspeople but it is also creating a large number of seniors who are finding it very difficult or impossible to live on their company pension and Social Security.

As of 2012, 13.7 percent of the population was over the age of 65, and by 2030 this figure will grow to 19 percent, according to U.S. census figures. Why not take advantage of being part of this group instead of taking a chance on being taken advantage of?

Why not seize the opportunity to use the knowledge you have acquired over the years to start and run an Internet business? There are companies that will hire you as a contract service provider because of the knowledge you have in your head. There are also individuals who will pay you for your knowledge and abilities.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, this blog will be connected to a membership site that will furnish seniors with information, training courses, tools and products to help you build a successful online business but, in the meantime check out some of the opportunities available through some of the other articles here.

If you are a senior with knowledge you feel will help others but you are not sure what to do drop me a note using the contact form here on the site. We can discuss the possibilities of you joining with me in teaching/helping others through our membership site.


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