Success Tip #4: Don’t Feel Guilty for Taking Shortcuts

Shortcuts have gotten a bad rap as if they’re something shameful and unwelcomed. But there’s not a successful entrepreneur alive who hasn’t sought a better way to do things. There’s a big difference between a smart shortcut and being lazy and reckless with your business.

As long as you only integrate wise shortcuts into your business, you should see success easier than if you forced yourself to take the long, hard route instead. There are certain ways to take shortcuts that won’t damage your business or reputation.

First, learn how to use tools that make things easier. For example, use templates in Canva instead of trying to design a PowerPoint presentation from scratch. Templates are great pre-designed graphics that help you complete projects earlier.

You can also use private label rights instead of writing content from scratch. You can use it as is, if you’re in a time crunch – or use it as a springboard and rewrite it with your own tone and slant.

It will be up to you to make choices like this wisely. In other words, you’ll need to know who sells ethical (not scraped) content, and whose voice aligns best with what you want to portray to your audience.

Delegating is another shortcut you can add to your arsenal of success tools. It’s okay to allow others to do things for you. Most solo entrepreneurs outsource to freelancers rather than partner up or bring employees onboard, but you can consider both options.

You can outsource all kinds of things such as content creation for your blogs, emails, lead magnets, info products and more. You can have someone else manage your social media accounts or help recruit affiliates for your upcoming launch. If you try to do everything yourself, as much as you may want to, you’re going to find out that the limited amount of time you have to devote to your business just isn’t enough. So it makes sense to find good people you can rely on in a pinch.

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