Selling Private Label Rights

Since many of the people who read this blog are good at writing and perhaps even creating their own products I thought I would include a series on earning money creating and sell Private Label Rights Products.

There will be 5 posts in this series so keep your eyes open for a new post every Monday.

If you’re looking for a content-based stream of income, which does not rely on you trying to dominate in the search engine results pages or drive a high level of traffic to your site, then you may want to consider getting into the business of becoming a private label rights (PLR) vendor.

Private label rights is a business where you are selling content that you create for other people to buy. It’s similar to a freelance service provider situation, where you would be ghostwriting content or creating graphics or other media formats of content for others and letting them use it as their own.

The only difference between the freelance service provider and a private label rights vendor is that you are selling to multiple buyers over time, as opposed to exchanging hours for a set dollar amount.

If you were ghostwriting for someone, the two of you would agree on a project with a certain number of pages or pieces at a specific price point – but with PLR, you have a product to sell and use in your business and there are no limits to what you can earn with it.

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