Search Volume and Profit Potential

Some niche audience members aren’t hungry to buy products – they’re just seeking information, like how to bake fluffy cookies. They already have the cookie sheets and convection oven.

But you can seek out information using things like keyword tools to see what kind of profit potential there really is. You want to avoid freebie keywords – where they use the “free” keyword to find information.

Some niche keywords have high volume, but aren’t geared for online marketers. For example, the golf niche is profitable, but the keyword phrase “tee time” in the golf niche – while it has a lot of searches, is not someone who is seeking your site to buy something.

You want to look for buyer keywords you can target in the niche. Some will literally have the word buy in them. But others are more targeted to seeking a solution, not a specific product.

It will be up to you to guide them in what products they may want to consider as a solution for their needs. Never worry about competition when it comes to keywords. If your content is good, you’ll naturally be using plenty of long-tail keywords to get traffic coming your way.

You just want to use tools to see if the audience for that niche is seeking information online in enough volume that it makes sense for you to dedicate time into creating content for it.

Choosing a profitable niche is just one small part of the equation. There are many elements that go into succeeding online in any niche. Picking the right niche is no guarantee that you’ll make a success out of your niche site.

But it’s one of the first steps you need to ensure that all of your efforts don’t go to waste. You also have to pick the right business model. Do you want to be an affiliate only or pursue product creation?

Do you have a desire to do coaching for your audience? That may make a difference in what niche you choose or how much profit potential you can extract from it. The one thing you should never do is choose a niche just because someone else is doing it.

It doesn’t matter how much they’re earning or what they’ve done to get there – make sure you pick something that’s right for you


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