Success Habit #5: Get Really Good at the Little Things

When you have a business, some things are repetitive. These aren’t always known as the big things – such as choosing a niche. But most people get focused on the big decisions like that, and things like building their list.

Because they’re expending so much time and effort on what they feel are the big things, they overlook the fact that it’s the little things that can be a time drag and can also cause stress.

That’s why you need to get really good at the little things. By developing a quicker way to handle all of these little things, you can free up a lot of time and minimize the effort that it takes you to cross items off your task list.

In business, time is valuable because it can equal profits. The more time you have, the more you can do. So by freeing up time, you’re investing in your success. Besides just focusing on the big things like studying how you need to build a list, look for ways to streamline little things.

There’s no use in reinventing the wheel. When you’re going to have to do something over and over again, there’s no need to start from scratch each time. For example, instead of creating a brand new email every time you send a campaign to your subscribers, have a template that you can use.

This way, you don’t have to spend time inputting different aspects or starting all over to build the layout. When you use a template, you get to customize or personalize the emails that you send out – but with a lot less time and effort.

By having templates that you use, you don’t waste time designing the email, formatting it and more. These are things that you can do in addition to what you already do, but it just streamlines the whole process so you get more done, faster.

Once you create a system so that these little tasks don’t require as much effort, then you can move on to working on projects or other parts of the business. Every part of your business that involves the little things and can sometimes be a time drain should have a system in place that gives you the ability to get it done quickly.

Don’t complicate things and create a system that’s too involved. Simplify it. Set up a quick system to use in areas such as research. Don’t waste hours trying to find answers.

Go to trusted sources. For example, if you write in the health niche and need information for a blog, look up the news links that are usually found at the top of all search engines.

Have a system for blogging – like brainstorming several ideas from one topic – so you get multiple blog posts. Write up each of these as rough drafts. Edit them all at the same time.

Have your images already gathered so you can quickly upload and then schedule all the posts to drop when you want them to. Do the same thing with networking. Know what your purpose is for the networking ahead of time.

Research the best places or people to network. Build a circle ahead of your time of need so that you can tap into it whenever you have something arise and need help or trusted insight.

Have networking templates that you use for your emails like specific ones for messages when you want to request information or a possible joint venture or affiliate opportunity. Have networking follow up templates that you use and have a thank you template in place, too.

Doing all of these will save you time and give it back to you so that you can build your business quicker, with fewer headaches, and without straying from things are really important.

Senior online marketers, like many people who are trying to find their footing and earn a living online, have to be careful not to work at a frantic pace so that they can calmly and methodically make smart business decisions that will benefit them.

When you take time to look at the results of some of the people out there pursuing this career, you’ll be able to spot who is struggling based on the time you see them wasting online, the way you witness them hopping from one project to another, and how they all seem scatterbrained and void of any solid strategy.

You want better for yourself, and that starts with making a commitment that you’ll become a high achiever and not someone who merely claims to work on their business a lot.

You could work 15 hours a day and still get nowhere if you’re not making the right moves. Regardless of which business model or niche that you’re in, you want to always work smarter, not harder.

Just in case you missed the first 4 habits you need to form you can start here.

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