Stop Letting Your Past Dictate Your Future

In the ministry, in support groups and in so many other areas we remind others, or are reminded by others, that we can’t let our past dictate our future.

There is only one thing wrong with this advice.

This advice is grounded in getting away from bad habits and lifestyles. The truth is we have positive habits and lifestyles that dictate our future as well and we need to get rid of some of those as well.

I can hear you saying “Why would I want to get rid of something positive?” The answer is simpler than you might think. If you have worked in Corporate America most if not all of your adult working life you developed some good habits that can actually hold you back when starting and operating your own business.

You probably followed orders from your boss and directions from your supervisor very well but that did not usually require making business decisions.  You just did your job.  The decisions were left up to someone “above your pay grade”. Now you are that person and you need to change your mindset, as we have discussed, from “employee” to “Entrepreneur”.

You also, most likely, did not have to make any decisions about when to go to work or when to go home or what you were going to do while you were at work. All that changes when you start and operate your own business. There is no overtime on your paycheck, if you get a paycheck, and you will most likely work more hours, in the beginning.

I do not want to be the bearer of doom and gloom but I don’t want to let you think you are going to jump right into the 4 hour work week either. Starting and operating an online business takes just as much work as starting and operating an offline business.  Besides that starting and operating a SUCCESSFUL online business takes a lot of work.

The reason 90% of the businesses that are started online fail is because the people quit. They give up and quit because the promises the Gurus made don’t come true in a week or a month.  However, if you will put forth the effort to learn from me and others like me, who I will introduce you to, and not give up you should reach the place you want to get to.


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