Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

The Best Way To Reach Your Goal

The most direct way to reach any goal in life is to focus on what you want to achieve and not what you’re afraid will happen instead. If you want to live a life of leisure, you’ll have to work out a way to get to that goal. You won’t start leisurely, but you can create a plan that gets you to that lifestyle you desire, eventually implementing the steps to get there. To spend your time focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want, you’ll need to practice.

Create a Vision Board

The more you visualize the result of your dreams and goals, the more you can help your brain focus on doing the work necessary to get to that result. For example, if you have included a new home in your vision board, you’ll have to set up the steps involved in obtaining that home, such as saving for the down payment, beefing up your credit score so you can qualify for a loan, and finding the home in the area you most want to live.

Read Books About What You Want

If you don’t know anything about buying a home, and you know that it is crucial for your future due to the lifestyle you want to live, you’ll need to start reading books about how to buy a house and studying how much the type of house you want costs, and maybe you’ll even need to find a way to generate the kind of money you need for that home. The more you can read about it, the more you can figure out how to do what works to get where you want to go.

Follow People Who Have What You Want

While you want to avoid comparing yourself to others or buying anything beaus someone else has it, finding people to emulate is a good idea. If you know people who have done what you want to do, you’ll be able to realize all the possibilities and the reality of what it takes to get there.

The more you focus on what you want, the more you can teach yourself how to get what you want. The more you are focused on the future you want, the more you’re going to meet people who already have it and know how to get it. Since you’re typically on the same level financially as your five closest friends, this is an important thing to realize so that you can start making friends who have what you want.



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