Earning Money as a Digital Product Creator – 4

This is post #4 in the series

Pick Your Platform and Start Earning

The next step in your digital info product journey is to choose a platform where you want to list your info product. There are many different options available to you. Most people list their product on one of the top three digital product platforms.

The first one would be ClickBank, which has a digital marketplace in many different niches that affiliates can go to in order to find items to promote to their target audience. Or, you might want to consider JVZoo, which also has many different digital products in a variety of niches.

Another popular marketplace is Warrior Plus, which has an easy to use system and a knowledge bank to walk you through it all. If you don’t want to use any of these platforms, you can also choose something like Udemy.

All of these options allow you to have a built in affiliate program so that you can recruit people to promote your info product for you and they will get paid through the system itself.

You also have the ability to gain more attention being listed on one of these sites because they have top ranking pages where you can see what the bestselling products are.

This makes consumers want to own those products, but it also makes affiliates want to promote them because they know the traffic is being converted into sales. You also have potential to be listed on their affiliate launch calendar.

Although these options are nice for the added exposure, they’re not your only choice. You can also install a product such as AMember and launch the product through your own site, with your own built in affiliate system.

This may help you cut down on some of the fees that you have to pay, even though they are usually taken out of each sale rather than something that has to be paid separately. If you choose to simply put up a buy button through PayPal, without any sort of affiliate system, you will be unable to recruit people to promote for you.


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