The Retirement Ranks Are Growing Fast

Seniors, or should I say Baby Boomers, are joining the ranks of the retired at an astonishing rate today.

This can be attributed to two main factors.

  1. There are a large number of Seniors reaching retirement age.
  2. Many Boomers are being forced into retirement early.

Downsizing and corporate takeover or merges are causing many of the people in our age group to leave their jobs sooner than expected, sometimes with less than expected.

There are 2 huge upsides to these situations though. People in our generation have been working in the same field, even if not for the same employer, for many years and have acquired a ton of knowledge.  This knowledge can and should be shared with the generation behind us.

Also, people in our generation have a more adventurous spirit than our parents had. That means we are not as fearful about doing new things as past generations.

When you look at those two things together a unique opportunity arises.

We have the opportunity to share information with the generation behind us. Information we did not have time to share with them while still on the job. We can also mentor that same generation.

Information we share through a blog and by writing articles to be posted on the Internet. This will be explained in a later article or lesson. Mentoring is done through membership sites where you receive payment for your knowledge and expert help.

My wife retired from a major insurance company as a computer programmer and now she tutors middle school and high school students and receives a nice fee for her knowledge.

Most, if not all of us, have knowledge in the area we worked in for all those years. That knowledge allows us to become experts in some area, some field we can advise or teach others in.

Understanding the opportunities available to you because of the knowledge and expertise you have acquired opens the door to new adventures. The great thing about these adventures is they pay you instead of you spending money.

Most advice and even paid services offering advice for Seniors are only talking about offline opportunities.  Do you really want to set the alarm, get dressed, drive to work and be stuck in an office all day?  Why not explore the world of online opportunities?  Where you can sleep late, work in your pajamas and even go for a walk in the park, in the middle of the day.

Watch for more articles and blog posts and get ready to explore our new membership site where I teach you how to convert the knowledge and experience in your head into a profitable online business.


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