Success Tip #1: Never Abandon Your Ethics

You’d think this would be a given, and for many newcomers to this business, it feels like something any sane person would do. But all it takes is one late bill, paired with an invitation to do something you’d normally shy away from – and you’ve ruined your reputation.

These things sometimes happen by accident. You join a promotion or event with someone who is lacking in ethics – merely because you’ve heard their name and know of their monetary success.

Instead of digging down to see what they do and whether or not your values align with theirs, your thirst for success overpowers common sense, and you give in, promising you’ll abide by your ethics the entire time.

There’s a reason some of these big shot marketers pair up with newbies who have a fresh reputation. It’s because they bring an element of a clean slate to the table where unsuspecting customers hand over their money, name and email address to you, not knowing the other person, who is a snake, will rip them off.

You may not even have any idea until it’s too late – and you find out they’ve not only failed your customers, but possibly taken off with a large portion of the money the two of you earned, too.

The marketing shark will be moving on to his next victim, while you try to pick up the pieces and salvage what you can of your reputation in the public eye. If the other marketer sold their contact information to scammers, they’ll associate that action with you, too – even if you didn’t know it was going to happen.

Everything you do online has to be done with a strong backbone of knowledge. Never do something blindly or because someone else is doing it – because even those you trust online can make a wrong turn if their own financial pressure gets to be too much.

You need to protect your subscribers and audience as fiercely as you would your most beloved family members. Only then will you enjoy a faster path to achieving your goals, not to mention long-term success.

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