Evergreen Versus Trend Niches

There are two different kinds of niches you can target for increased profitability. In fact, some have a little of both elements to it. You’ll want to consider getting involved in an evergreen niche that has trend (or fad) profit potential for best results.

An evergreen niche is one that is relevant for years or decades. A trend niche is one that comes and goes. Sometimes, it reoccurs in the spotlight, but sometimes it’s a one hit wonder.

The hybrid niches are those where it’s mostly an evergreen niche overall, in a broad sense, but it has offshoot topics that arise that are more trend based. So let’s cover some examples of all three of these ideas.

Examples of evergreen niches are things like gardening, survival, weight loss, relationships, parenting and more. All of these have been around for years and years and show no sign of ever going away.

Trend niches are things like the grapefruit diet or in the older days, when cigarettes were touted as a healthy activity. With relationships, usage of a dating app might be a trend, while the basic fundamental tips for seeking someone you share interests with don’t change.

A good way to think about hybrid niches are to start with an evergreen base and then think of the trends that come and go within those niches. Take gardening for example. Gardening of all kinds is a popular topic.

But now you have container gardening, hydro gardening, and vertical or tower gardening. You can have a site built for the gardening evergreen niche, but then take advantage of the spurts of interest shown for certain aspects of it that arise from time to time.

Of course, you can simply separate the two – having one site for the evergreen niche topic and others for the trends that emerge, but that’s not necessary. If you ignore trends completely, you’ll be missing out on a lot of profit potential they can deliver.

When a huge spike occurs for a specific aspect of that evergreen niche, it’s okay for you to veer off and bring that audience into the fold. Over time, they may take your advice on the evergreen topics and also follow some of the later trends you announce.

The problem with targeting trends alone is that, even though you may see a spike of income from them initially, they eventually fade out somewhat and don’t earn you as much as you would bring in covering a broader topic.

If you can have the best of both worlds, you’ll be maximizing your profit potential and not closing the door on any income you might be able to benefit from.


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