Earning Money as a Digital Product Creator – 2

This is post #2 in this series

Choosing a Topic for Your Product

Choosing the topic for your product can be a daunting experience. Many people procrastinate and delay their launch because every idea they come up with feels wrong. They worry about the fact that the competition has already done something similar.

If you go look on the bookshelves of a major bookseller, you’ll see the same topic being done by multiple authors. Consumers like to have a variety of styles to learn from, and your insight and ability to lead your audience will be completely different from someone else.

Assuming you already have your niche topic, you will want to conduct some research to see what the top problem areas are for that audience. You may want to create a broad digital info product that covers everything as a whole.

If you do this, you won’t be able to go in depth with each subtopic. But that’s okay. You can have a broad overview of the topic with tips in it, followed by a series of in depth and targeted info products on each of the sub topics that go into detail.

For example, you might have and info product called Internet Marketing for Newbies. This would be a broad overview teaching them what it means to be an online marketer, and what opportunities are available to them.

Then, following up in your series, you could have individual info products on each of the topics that you discussed in the original course. You need to conduct some research to find out what the main problem areas are for your niche audience.

The first thing you can do is look at the marketplace to see what is already being sold in your niche. If you are in a niche like weight loss, you may notice a trend for one certain type of diet plan that you can start with.

The next place you can go, after looking at places such as Amazon, ClickBank, Warrior Plus, and JVZoo is to the forums that consumers gather at in your niche. In these forms, people often gather to discuss problems and solutions, as well as products they recommend.

Once you are finished gathering information there, head to a keyword tool of your choice to find out what your target audience is typing in to search engines to find information about.

This will help you compile a list of product ideas for your series as well as the outline for each individual info product that you will be creating. As you conduct your research, make sure you are making a mental note of the comments from buyers or prospective consumers who have felt that something was lacking in the products currently in the marketplace.

You will want to make sure that your info product addresses those needs. You can also make sure to add it to the bulletpoints on your sales page so that the audience knows they will finally have a product that delivers for them.


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