Earning Money as a Digital Product Creator – 1

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If you’re looking for a very lucrative business model to launch in the year 2023 as an online entrepreneur, you might want to consider becoming a digital information product creator.

Decades ago, when a consumer wanted to learn something, they either had to take classes about it or read a book. But now, regardless of what time of day it is, they can download it directly onto their computer and consume the information instantly.

Digital info products sell at a much higher price point than a book you might pick up at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. Plus, you have the added ability to recruit affiliates to promote your product for you and add to your revenue.

Digital Info Products Are a Lucrative Business Model

So just how much money can be made from selling a digital info product? Well if you are unknown, have failed to network with anyone, and don’t have a list, it won’t be as much as someone who has taken the steps to make sure their launch will be a success.

When you go through the proper product creation and launch steps, you stand to make thousands of dollars in a few days. There are some info product creators who bring in four figures in four days, and some who bring in seven figures in the same amount of time.

What you need to be focused on is creating an entire line or library of info products for your brand. It’s not just about creating a single product to put out in the marketplace – it’s about developing a series that people will keep coming back for.

When you have more than one digital info product, the sales build upon themselves. For example, your first product may have been about how to create a niche blog. your second product might be about how to rank your blog for proper search engine optimization.

Months later, you release a new product about how to be an affiliate marketer. The people who come to your sales page and buy this product as their first product from you, will see your back list of existing digital info products and want to buy those as well if the quality of the first one they own is up to par.

You can also use your backlist of existing digital info products to build your revenue in other ways. You can use it as a bonus whenever you promote someone else’s product, or you can package them up and offer a bundled discount for a special occasion such as your birthday or a major holiday.

You can’t just quietly create an info product and list it for sale under the radar and expect it to succeed. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and build a buzz for your launch that helps you increase earnings substantially.


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